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The Ghost of Christmas Past

GOOD MEMORIES “…would you so soon put out, with worldly hands, the light I give?”             The Ghost of Christmas Past to Ebenezer Scrooge, ‘A Christmas Carol’. Charles Dickens (1843) I have always believed that memories – or at least the … Continue reading

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David Suzuki’s Definition of Home

TEMPORARY RESIDENTS “We live in a finite world with finite resources. Although it may sometimes seem quite big, earth is really very small – a tiny blue and green oasis of life in a cold universe.” “We no longer see … Continue reading

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MY SURROGATE SONS “Children make you a better everything. Daughters open up a whole different sensibility to you. When you have children, it focuses you on them as opposed to on yourself.”                   Andy Garcia (1956-Present) “To a father growing old … Continue reading

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