Have you ever asked yourself the very basic question – why do I garden – and if so, what was your reply? I have been pondering this same mystery for thirty years now and to be honest, I am no closer than you are to a satisfactory answer. Rather, I seem to receive small epiphanies from time to time, and these stories are just my crude attempt at filing and giving them some sort of structure. It seems that after three decades of being an estate gardener, landscaper and nursery manager – the garden is finally talking back. This is what it has taught me so far.                                                                                                                                       Mike Lascelle

3 Responses to About

  1. Is it possible to use the picture of the Christmas Day truce in our 2014 calendar. We are a firm
    of accountants who are doing a World War 1 themed calendar for next year. If you could possibly
    let me know on the email address below please. Many thanks. Debbie Carson

    • Debbie,
      With the exception of the photo of my great-grandfather and the Princess Mary tin, I found all these images on the web (most of which were copied and posted from old magazines), so the resolution is not good enough for reproduction. Cheers. Mike

  2. pax christi, a katholic peace movement in germany and worldwide, would like tu use the christmas truce photo for a christmas card. Would it be possible to use it? Please let me know.

    Many thanks
    Claudia Dichtl

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